This trip starts from our launch point and can take up to a day to reach Redbrook. We start to collect people from 3pm up to 5pm at Redbrook and Monmouth. We do not let people do this trip if it is their first time or where there is only one adult in the canoe.

Symonds Yat Rapids are only a short distance from the launch point. We prefer that people have a degree of skill and confidence better acquired with a few hours (rather than a few minutes) canoeing behind them. If you are canoeing this section as part of a longer trip, you do not need to carry your camping kit and personal belongings with. Leave it behind to collect later, it will lighten your load. 




This section of the river contains the level 2 rapids known as Symonds Yat Rapids. We do not advise canoeing the rapids without seeking our advice. There are alternatives that we can advise you of. At low river levels they can be dangerous for canoeists of all levels (casualties are claimed on the rapids every year and remember, damage to a canoe is your responsibility).


From our Symonds Yat launch point you will pass the two ferries that operate from the Ferry Inn and The Saracen's Head. Symonds Yat Rapids come and go rather quickly. In good conditions if you have canoed for anything more than a few hours you will have a feel for the balance and stability of the canoe to navigate the rapids with little concern.


You now enter a long stretch of peaceful tree lined Wye Valley. Look out for the Seven Sisters Rocks. As you emerge into a more open landscape of fields you will pass Dixton Church. Wye Bridge at Monmouth will come into view at the end of the straight. For those stopping at Monmouth the steps on the right before the bridge mark your exit.


Continuing down the river takes you past the confluence of the River Monnow. There are some rocky shallows in this area. Less than 3 mile further on is Redbrook - the end of your adventure. Redbrook is the last place of recorded piracy on the River Wye - so beware!

Symonds Yat to Monmouth/Redbrook7 or 10 miles
DaysHalf or 1
River Grades1 and 2

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