THREE QUARTER day canoe hire – Kerne BRIDGE to Symonds Yat

Our three quarter day canoe hire costs £60 for a 2 person boat or £70 for a 3 person boat.


Canoeing the Wye from Kerne Bridge to Symonds Yat takes half a day (3 hours). However if you choose the three quarter day trip arriving at 11:30am, you will be on the river between 12:30pm to 4:30pm, giving you an extra hour to complete the journey. Ideal for an extended lunch, giving you an hour of stopping off time for a picnic. 


The three quarter day canoe trip is inclusive of canoe hire, equipment hire (paddles, buoyancy aids and dry barrels), transportation to the start point, launch fees, landing fees, maps and a safety briefing. The only additional cost is the parking at the Hotel where we are based which is £3 for 3 hours, or £6 for all day (please bring change and pay at one of the machines).



Setting off from Kerne Bridge launch site you will head South down the Wye Valley along a fairly straight section of river, 15 minutes into your journey you will come to a small S bend that requires a little bit of concentration then another 15 minutes onto Lower Lydbrook to navigate around a small island. So the first 30 minutes can be quite exciting. 


Continuing your canoeing along the Wye you will pass Welsh Bicknor on your right and English Bicknor on your left.  At Welsh Bicknor there is a lovely church and a former Rectory in the grounds, previously used for the residency of the parish priest. The Rectory is owned by the YHA trust and used as a youth hostel. The surrounding area is very pretty with fantastic views looking down the Wye Valley and a large grassy area ideal for picnics.


Just downstream of Welsh Bicknor you will pass under an old railway bridge. The bridge was part of the Monmouth to Ross line. On the right hand bank the railway used to go through a tunnel under Coppett Hill and headed towards Ross on Wye. On the left bank there used to be a junction where the line met the Severn to Wye railway which was primarily used for exploiting mineral resources from the Forest of Dean. The remains can just about be seen on your left as you pass along the river in your canoe.


Shortly after is the area where the 18th century Rev. Gilpin first introduced the word ‘picturesque’ to the English language in describing the surrounding landscape. For him it defined “that kind of beauty which is agreeable in a picture”. Bowens field can be found on the left hand side, a sloped meadow that heads up to the Forest of Dean often found with sheep roaming around.


When the river starts to turn west you will come through a beautiful valley.  You will find Ship Rock high above your left shoulder. The cliffs that run along the skyline are Coldwell Rocks, home to the Peregrine Falcon. The end of the line of cliffs is marked by Symonds Yat Rock.

From here the River Wye takes a long wide oval course, nearly coming back on itself at Symonds Yat. But before reaching Symonds Yat you will paddle your canoe under Huntsham Bridge (the green bridge) and it takes about 30 minutes back to us from here. 

As you enter Symonds Yat West you will see large boulders on the left, this is the landmark we advise paddlers to remember, as our landing point is on the right just opposite them.


It is advisable to bring a picnic or packed lunch with you that can be eaten on the river bank or a nice meadow for the half day trip. We also have a designated area on our field next to the river where you finish that can be used for a picnic before or after your journey. 

If you wanted to stop for a pub lunch then the 1 day canoe trip would be a better option, as you will have the opportunity to stop at the ‘Inn on the Wye’ half way.


This trip provides plenty of opportunity to see some of the local wildlife.  You are guaranteed to see nesting Swans, Canadian Geese, Buzzards circling on the thermals, a variety of ducks and fish to name just a few.  You may even be lucky enough to spot a Kingfisher, an Otter, or a Peregrine Falcon.  Don’t forget to look out for Herons, it’s our company logo.

Section Distance 8 miles
Days Three quarters
River grades 1
Ability level All levels
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